“Khoom Loy” is written by Annbjørg Lien and is the title track from her new album.

Khoom Loy – fiddler Annbjørg Lien’s latest outing marks a return to her world music roots last heard on the classic albums ‘Prisme’ and Baba Yaga. Drawing on a wide spectrum of traditional influences, Lien invites the listener to join her on an emotional and captivating journey through moods and styles, confirming her as one of the genre’s true innovators. With instrumentation that includes Hardanger fiddle, (regular) fiddle, nyckelharpa and vocals mated with traditional as well as contemporary instruments, Lien’s sonic palette can justifiably be described as broad. Norwegian, Irish Eastern traditional influences are fused with jazz, rock and other contemporary styles to create an album that’s coherent and innovative – a potential classic in its own right.

The album “Khoom Loy” was released the 27th of January 2012. Produced by Bjørn Ole Rasch for Grappa Records. Recorded and mixed by Roald Råsberg at Kongshavn Studios. Featuring Pat Broaders, Per Hillestad, Per Elias Drabløs, Rolf Kristensen, Bjørn Charles Dreyer, Hans Fredrik Jacobsen, Bjørn Ole Rasch and Orsa Spelmän. And directed by Bjørn Ole Rasch