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The new art of the club flyer by Craig McCarthy

I  borrowed this great book from my colleague Sandra, and I found it really inspirational.

Craig McCarthy studied art at Camberwell College of Arts and the Royal College of Art and is a practicing artist. He states that “This book is of the flyers that I have collected over the years. Incredible time spent in London, my friends, my books and brilliant nights.” 

Covered with inventive, unfurling doodles, hand-drawn lettering, and images of sexy figures and party animals, the flyers reproduced here were created from drawings, tracings, photocopies, photographs, cutouts, and collages. They offer an intriguing alternative history of London’s ever-changing club circuit, advertising a variety of venues, ranging from Heaven to Bistrotheque. 

Provocative, subversive, shocking, decorative and witty, here is new generation sequel to the hugely popular Fly: The Art of the Club Flyer.

new art of flyersCovered with inventive, hand-drawn lettering and images, the flyers shown in this book are created from drawings, tracings, photocopies, photographs, cut-outs and collages. They look back to the flyers inspired by the cut-and-paste era of the late 1980s, but are given inspirational new form in the current scene.

Benjamin Marra tells on his blog that he has “two flyers in this new art book about club flyer art called “Fly By Night: The New Art of the Club Flyer,” by Craig McCarthy, published by Thames & Hudson. They were flyers I did for these DJs in London who operated as Computer Blue.” 







This book is great: A collection of club flyers that provides a visual record of London’s nightlife and subcultures. Memories, fantasies, dreams and some nightmares.