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There is no way you can escape the Christmas spirit and happy feeling, if you visit a Christmas market!

Chatter, laughter and music waft through the air, mixing with the smells of gingerbread, grilled meats and cookies as shoppers browse among the carved toys, small musical instruments, ornaments, handcrafted clothing, homemade soap, candles and hand-blown glass.

I went to one last Sunday, and even though we missed the snow, and the rain was pouring down, we had a great time, and we even bought some presents and home-made cookies. 

It’s the ambiance and the loving and smiling time of the year. I love these weeks before Christmas, I even have a calendar. Every morning I can open a present from my Best Friend Ingrid. These are not expensive gifts, but thoughtful and fun things to receive. This year I had double luck, I got 24 small presents from my niece as well.