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Marianna Orlova is a young artist whose work just amazed me. Living in Moscow, she bought her first camera after saving up when she was 17. Her first photos was of her friends, and her work developed to the rare and fascinating art she is giving us today, at the tender age of 19. When I first saw some of her photos, I thought I had stumbled upon a well-known established artist, just unknown to me… And I guess my first interception was right, because Marianna has a lot of fans. Using social media as facebook, she makes her art available for everyone, and she also has a da account. 

I asked Marianna what her inspiration for her spectacular work is, and her answers were not surprisingly mostly from music and music videos. She mentions Evanescence, HIM, Skillet and Three Days Grace, and I think it is so great to see an artist getting that kind of inspiration from other artists in other genders. Ohh, this is the real passion for art!



In some of her work she clearly gives us a reborn character from our childhood fairy-tales, like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Marianna also finds her inspiration elsewhere, sometimes even in her dreams.  When she told me that I understood better why I myself thought about fantasy characters like elves and unicorns when I absorb some of her work. Marianna is an artist who enables the world to look into her dreams, and be inspired by the love and mystery that is present in all her frames.

Marianna wants to capture the moment, she loves working with her camera in motion, and not a staged scene, even though it might start out as one, she always plays along with what is happening around her. Her eye for lightning and surroundings makes her photos open for playful dreams and fantasy.

Marianna is now a freelance photographer, and her big dream is to continue grow as an artist, and maybe leave Russia to work in a great magazine in another country. I hope her dream comes true, so that this great young girl can continue making her great art available for the rest of us, we need artists as Marianna.

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