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Living with a passion for art, I’m always on the look-out for places to get that great feeling, when you see something that engages you in a way nothing else can. It’s not always loving and careing feelings; it can be anger, frustration and sadness as well.
Last week I stumbled upon a great blog, called Irishill’s blog. She had posted an article called “Christmas Stocking Fillers” and she had some fabulous prints with colours and originality that really made me want to see more, more, more! The spontaneity of her prints, the movements and the playfulness made me think of dancers and a world of tolerance and joy. I had to know more about this artist, and what I found was even better than I thought:
Iris Hill is the creative utopia imagined by unique British artist Lisa Jean. Named after Lisa’s ever supportive grandmother, Iris Hill is a beautiful fantasy land, filled with flowers and fairies; inspiring vivid brush strokes and colourful female forms. Nymph-like splatters and ethereal washes result in an exceptional style that Lisa is keen to pass on. Believing in the therapeutic power of positivity and calming practice of creation Lisa works with a number of youth arts organisations. Here she mentors youth groups and inspires and educates a future generation of creative while sharing her techniques and motivating others to get involved.
“I’m a big believer in the arts, and the benefits of creativity. There is a certain stigma attached to what people believe art is, but it’s not necessarily about being good at it, but rather the process and enjoyment of it. During tough times, like recession, we can utilise the resources around us with the power of inspiration and community. I encourage my peers to look around them, take pen to paper. It doesn’t cost much; neither does the possibility of opportunity.”
-Lisa Jean
I couldn’t agree more. I think that artists like Lisa Jean can do something about people’s interception of arts. 
The dream must be that we all start looking at art the fun way again, the real way, like children do. I don’t mean that art is not serious, but I do believe that people tend to relate to art in the same way they relate to a job-project. “What is this? Do I need this? Can I leave this out of the report?”
Art is so much. Roger Fry said that

Art is a passion or it is nothing

The wonderful magical place of Iris Hill gave me a peace of mind and joy in my heart. And I’m sure a lot of you will experience something good by visiting the world of Irish Hill.
2011 has been an exciting time for Lisa as she started the year with an exhibition at Hanger Farm Arts, whilst also illustrating a range of cards named ‘Mizar’ for major publisher Carte Blanche Greetings ltd. Hopes are high for 2012 to see her success continue to grow.
“My passion for art” wish her all the best, and we will continue to follow her success.

You can find even more information here.

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