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Have you noticed? Disney is releasing a new Muppet movie later on this month. An in this occasion, designers have gone crazy with ideas to give the Muppets a new look and an up to date look. Like O.P.I. who is realising a  collection of Muppet-inspired nail polish this holiday season, Kermit’s face is now on different sneakers, and t-shirts, bags, you name it.

The best item I have found is these:

This is Jerome C.Rousseau’s ode to the Muppets movie. He designed the “Diva” pumps in honor of the one and only Miss Piggy. Available soon at Saks, this is a want! Look at those! You can see the Miss herself is very pleased with the result!

If you want to see more Muppets movie inspired designes, visit www.famouspeoplemedia.com