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At least according to the covers of Vogue and W magazine.

Let’s face it, Princess Kate has Pippa, Beyoncé has Solange, Jessica Simpson has Ashley, Paris Hilton has her Nicky, Britney Spears has Jamie Lynn, and I have my Ida 🙂

Sisters. I have taken this picture and idea from a site Princess is writing: www.famouspeoplemedia.com

The sisters on the cover of Vogue must be the world’s most famous twins, and I know they are all grown up now, but I think most people see them as toddlers from the Full House. The picture is great, the cover is great, and the sisters have had an enormous success.

A bit strange that the Cover of W magazine portraits sisters as well, the Fanning sister, Dakota and Elle. Or not strange at all, they probably sell a lot of magazines, both sister pairs.

Is it just me, or is it a bit sad, that they are the ones on these covers. I mean, the eldest of the Fanning Sisters are 17, and the Olsen Twins will never past 12 in most people’s minds. What about portraying some grown up sisters? And no, I don’t mean the Kardashians.