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I spent an afternoon at the park with my nephews’ a couple of days ago. The oldest had some homework for school, and in the meantime the youngest and I played with some biscuits I had brought. Yes, played, because the biscuits were in form of letters. 

P. has just learned how to read and write, and he likes the short words best, he told me. And he was so proud of his little sentence in English that I would never had stolen his joy  by telling him he had pulled out a G instead of a C. I searched for a C, but we must have eaten all of them, so the message became as the picture tells.

It was of course both my cats, Bajas and Baltazar, who were the HOT CAT, and when I asked what it meant, he passionately explained how cats never are cold. 🙂  

I was relieved, because for a minute there I thought he had seen Paris Hilton on one of her reality show at the tele. 🙂

Thats hot!