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My last post created some buzz and I had to rethink this blog a bit… I think I say it all in the sentence: My point is – and I do have one! This blog is an expression of my opinion. You may agree with me, you may disagree with me; you may try to change my mind. But don’t tell me to shout my mouth! Because I won’t!

Friday afternoon I went for a walk by the marina of Kristiansand, and I spent some hours enjoying the nice weather and the beautiful surroundings. It can’t be much better than this…

Christiansholm Fortress, built in 1672 by the Danish-Norwegian king Fredrik III. The rotunda has 5 m thick walls, and it has en impressing view over the Kristiansand Marina


The summer is over, but the autumn has not yet kicked in for real in everything. However, if you take a closer look at the swan family, you will notice that the kids are almost grown-ups… Still following their mom, though…

I continued walking the little road that is called Strandpromenaden, and had a new stop at Otterdalsparken. The place is well known in Norway, but the name is not,,, Otterdalsparken is the correct name of the park were the sculpture installation of the Norwegian artist Kjell Nupen is placed, often called the Nupen-Park.

The multi-talented artist Kjell Nupen has exhibited his works in many countries.He achieved a breakthrough as a relatively young painter and graphic artist, and has been a noted figure in Norwegian contemporary art for many years. He has carried out several decoration assignments; the best known of these is the mentioned design of Otterdalparken in Kristiansand, a sculpture installation which opened in 1991.

It was really fun to photographing here, and challenging.

I ended my walk at the Kristiansand Fishing Docks. This place has to be the most popular destination in Kristiansand, situated in walking distance from the center of town, and with a little marina were boats can dock. There are six different restaurants in this area, all of them great, but for different occasions. I mean, sometimes you take the kids out for pizza, other times it is a more grown-up dinner, you are looking for.

I went to one of the fish – restaurants there, Enok Nilsen, alone… Normally that would not suit me, to be alone in a restaurant, but it was great. I sat outside, enjoying the sun, and the service was superb. I got en a tagiatelle with seafood, with fresh bread and butter, and I concluded my little walk in the afternoon with a great meal. Ummm…