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Today the Norwegian people go to their election places and vote for who they want to obtain the main seats in their regional Board of Directors. Nationwide local elections for seats in municipality and county councils will be held throughout Norway today. The various municipalities may also decide to additionally hold elections on 11 September. For most places this means that two elections, the municipal elections and the county elections run concurrently.

This has been an exceptional election season, while all the parties was very much agreed on a gentle season, due to the tragic attack in Oslo and at Utøya island 22.of July. They started the election campaign weeks later than they had planned, and they have all behaved… This is important because I really believe that parties could destroy their whole campaign by being aggressive and abusive towards any political opponent in Norway these days.

The labor party and the conservative party have been doing strong on last days polls, and it has been said that electors will vote for one of these parties, to reduce the danger of all extremists on either side. This may be true, but I hope that the smaller parties also survive the wages of today’s election.

Let me be clear. I hope and think that the labor party will have a great result. I just received a text message from our Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg with an appeal to vote, and to ask friends and family members to do the same. And I have and I will.

What I really wait for is to see how many Norwegians that actually votes at this election. This is the first election after the dreadful attack on our democracy and our youth and innocence. It has been predicted a higher turnout.

We went out to the streets with roses. I hope that we go to the election chambers today!

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