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Despite the decline in Christian church attendance in the Europe, many parents of new babies still prefer to have their baby christened in a church. The christening becomes a special celebration, to which family and close friends are usually sent invitations, and the baby is taken for her baptismal and to be christened with their name.

The precise christening ceremony, and even level of significance, varies between church denominations, but mostly the christening of a baby is an essential ceremony for salvation and sacrament. Socially, it is a major occasion for many families, putting christening alongside weddings and funerals as church gathering times for families.

In some ways, a christening has some similarities with a wedding. Christening gifts are often given for the baby, just as bridal gifts may be given for a wedding, and some parents also give christening favors. In advance, invitations to the guests are normally sent out, and godparents selected instead of the best man and maid of honor in a wedding. When it comes to the baby’s dress, christening gowns, although very small, can be as elaborate and beautiful as a wedding dress.

While there is not so much organization involved with a christening as for a church wedding, many parents do like to make it a special occasion, with at least a small reception afterwards.

Last weekend I was attending the Christening of my best friends little baby boy, Marcus. He was wearing the family christening gown, which his grandmother made for his father forty years ago. All his aunts and cousins have worn it, and two years ago, it was his sister who was looking like a princess in this beautiful creation. Marcus looked like a prince, and his parents made a great dinner party for him.

I think everybody enjoyed themselves at the reception and at dinner

Beautiful decorated table for the christening dinner

Beautiful decorated table for the christening dinner

, where we were well taken care of. What I didn’t enjoy, was the cult at church. What I don’t understand, is that when tree pair of parents carries their little babies to church for christening, why don’t the people responsible at church take advantage of that, and show what church really can be about? This Sunday, the minister talked about something that I did not understand much of, and I am an adult, fairly intelligent and I am a believer.  There were a lot of children present, and there were adults present, who think that church is nothing for them. With a cult like this, they get a confirmation of their opinions, and I think that is so sad.  The cult with christening could be organized in so many different ways, and I always hope that the minister think about all the children that are attending, and choose songs and themes that are bringing them something.

Am I the only one that thinks like this?

Tomorrow I’m attending the confirmation of a young lovely girl, and I hope that the minister is more of a family oriented organisator.

I hope, I hope, I hope…

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