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Today I spend the day at Hillestad Gallery – I have guests from France and with unstable weather conditions, we decided to explore the fairy tale place in the Norwegian woods. 

Hillestad offers something for the whole family, from artistic pursuits to activities for those who want to get outdoors in the inspiringly beautiful scenery or play in the adventure playground. It is also possible to swim in the river Tovdalselva, or go hiking high up in the mountains.

We chose to visit the Gallery today, and I was so impressed of the exquisite art and jewelry. And so was my guest.

Hillestad Gallery opened in 1985. Since then, many of Norway’s most well-known artists have had individual expeditions there. The entire range of Hillestad jewelry is on display and for sale.

The Gallery was fascinating, both for my guests and myself. We took the time to enjoy the exhibitions, and I made a purchase also. Now there is a beautiful pink glass angel on my wall, and I’m totally in love with my new art object.

After enjoying ourselves inside, we took a little hike outdoor, in the very typically Norwegian surroundings. We could have stayed longer, but the weather conditions gave us a raison to check out the café at the Gallery. And we were not disappointed.  It is never wrong with a cup of coffee, and joined by Hillestad famous yeast pastry, filled with delicious egg cream, we were in heaven! 

The Summer exhibition with the artists Rolf Nerli, Tor-Arne Moen, Åshild Karevoll is still on, but in few days the Gallery will introduce the autumn exhibition, with Torild A Fossnes, Olga Grimsmo Nilsen, Scott Aaneby, Ståle Blæsterdalen and Vegard Stalsberg.

I probably have to return to Hillestad in September.